In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers:

1. My order has still not arrived, is that normal?

Since we do not control the postal delivery times, the delivery of your order is made within three to four weeks however the shipment is made within 48 hours on our side. If your package has not arrived within four weeks, which is exceptional, contact us and we will find a solution as soon as possible to satisfy you.

2. Why is the delivery so long?

In order to be able to offer very competitive prices, our logistics are carried out abroad, which can result in long delays.

3. I have not received all the items ordered, where did the rest of my order go?

In order to provide you with very good prices, we deal directly with several partners who do not necessarily manufacture all the products you have ordered. You are therefore likely to receive several packages.

4. My item is damaged, can I get a refund?

If your item arrives damaged, send us a picture of the damaged item and according to your choice, you will be refunded immediately or a new order will be placed.

5. How can I contact you?

Our team is here to answer all your questions.

Feel free to contact us by clicking on "contact" at the header menu, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

6. Why do some prices vary so much from one day to the next?

Our partners regularly offer us promotions of up to 70% for a given period of time.

So we adjust our prices so that you can enjoy it.